10 Best and Most Painful Weapons in FreeFire - Free Fire Game

10 Free Fire Game Best and Most Painful Weapons

Free Fire has very diverse and deadly weapons, here are 10 of the best weapons on Free Fire that you can use. Come see the complete list!

Who Doesn't know the Free Fire Game?

Games managed by Garena with more than 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Besides being fun, this game is also light to be played on Smartphones.

Freefire is able to defeat its rivals, the Rules of Survival and PUBG Mobile from the number of downloads because this game has its own uniqueness.

Likewise with weapons in the Free Fire that have the power that might be more painful than the weapons in PUBG.

Weapons in Free Fire and PUBG are indeed not directly comparable but can be compared with the amount of strength and function of the weapon.

What are the weapons? Come see more.

1. SVD

The best weapon on the first Free Fire is SVD, an Assault Rifle type weapon or the highest damage AR than any other AR.

Even though having 10 small rounds of ammunition once reloaded, but once hit by an enemy it would feel very sick.

This weapon is equipped with Scope x4 by default, very suitable for long and medium combat.

Detailed Information
Damage 89
Rate of Fire 35
Range 80
Accuracy 68
Reload Speed 41

2. XM8

XM8 is the most painful weapon on the next FF with a very good ratio of damage and Rate of Fire.

This weapon has 30 rounds of ammunition, making it a weapon suitable for use in close and medium combat.

You will also get scope x2 when you take this weapon, while you can use all additional accessories to XM8.

Detailed Information
Damage 55
Rate of Fire 54
Range 65
Accuracy 58
Reload Speed 48

3. MGL 140

Well, if MGL 140 is a grenade launcher weapon that is suitable for you to use in fighting against crowded enemies.

Damage generated is an area and is very painful, unfortunately for the type of ammunition, it can only be filled with special bullets.

MGL 140 has a high reload speed so you can shower enemies with grenades when using this weapon.

Detailed Information
Damage 90
Rate of Fire 33
Range 51
Accuracy 90
Reload Speed 76

4. SPAS12

Well, next is SPAS12 which is a deadly shotgun and produces very large damage at close range.

This weapon has an automatic shot mode which is perfect for fast combat in close quarters.

You will also get a rate of fire which is pretty good for a Shotgun. Steady!
Detailed Information
Damage 97
Rate of Fire 42
Range 15
Accuracy 10
Reload Speed 34

5. SKS

Are you a Sniper weapon lover?

If so, then this one weapon is perfect for you. SKS is the favorite in Freefire because the damage given is very large and the recoil is not disturbing.

If just one shot hits the head, it can be ascertained that the enemy shot by the SKS will immediately be killed.

However, the weakness of this weapon is having a rate of fire or low shooting speed.

Detailed Information
Damage 82
Rate of Fire 33
Range 82
Accuracy 68
Reload Speed 41

6. VSS

Besides SKS, it turns out that this weapon is no less deadly, namely VSS. Unlike the previous weapon, VSS has a default silencer.

Making this weapon suitable for impromptu or covert attacks.

The shooting speed is very fast, but the disadvantage of VSS is that the damage produced is not large.

Detailed Information
Damage 50
Rate of Fire 48
Range 84
Accuracy 90
Reload Speed 55


In addition to the weapons above, there are still weapons that have considerable damage, namely FAMAS.

This weapon can be used remotely or at close range, the closer you shoot, the greater the damage produced.

The rate of fire or shooting speed possessed by this weapon is quite good, resulting in a large total damage amount.

Detailed Information
Damage 53
Rate of Fire 67
Range 70
Accuracy 54
Reload Speed 48


SCAR is the most favorite Free Fire weapon because it has great damage and fast shooting speed.

Besides that, the recoil of this weapon is not too large. No wonder SCAR is often used by players for close combat even far.

Detailed Information
Damage 53
Rate of Fire 61Range 60Accuracy 42Reload Speed 41

9. Groza

Well, if this one is Jaka's favorite, especially if it's not Groza. This weapon has higher damage than the AK47 and SCAR which makes it very fearful.

However, the recoil from Groza is very large and makes it a little difficult for you to control it. If you shoot it continuously, the bullet will shot in an irregular direction.

Detailed Information
Damage 61
Rate of Fire 56
Range 75
Accuracy 54
Reload Speed 48

10. AWM

The last is the latest weapon most feared by Free Fire or PUBG players, namely AWM.

The damage produced by this weapon is very large, only needing 2 to 3 shots to knock out the enemy.

If it hits the head, the enemy will be paralyzed instantly even though using the strongest helmet. But don't try to fight from close range using this weapon, huh.

Detailed Information
Damage 90
Rate of Fire 27
Range 91
Accuracy 90
Reload Speed 34

The Final Word

That's the 10 best weapons in Freefire that are sick, are there any of your favorite weapons on the list?

Write your opinion in the comments column, yes. See you in the next article!

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