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PUBG Mobile Tips for Beginners

 PUBG Mobile Tips

The PUBG Mobile game carries the battle royale genre and can be played free on smartphones. PUBG Mobile challenges gamers to survive on an island, armed with guns and friends (squad or duo).

For new gamers, you should not play solo, because the enemy can attack from various directions and the greater the potential for defeat. However, those who have long played PUBG Mobile can also play in a team, so individuals can support and help each other in the game.

The saddest thing when gamers experience to knock down, so there is nothing that gamers can do except crawl waiting for help or stay in place to await death.

PUBG Mobile Tips

In this condition, gamers really rely on friends so they can make a recovery. His notes, gamers who are dying must be near friends who are still alive to provide help.

Here are a few things to watch out for when gamers are dying in the PUBG Mobile game.

1. Take Shelter to a Safe Place

If the gamer has been dropped or knocked down, move to a safe area, where friends gather or take cover. Even though it moves slowly, at least the health bar can still support life until it reaches a safe area.

2. Call a Friend

Sometimes the user is just knocked down and away from friends. It could be friends looting or fighting with another squad, so do not realize that you are dying waiting for help.

Try calling with voice chat or quick text with the 'Help' signal to let the team know that you need help.

3. Approach Your Closest Friends

When gamers are in a dying condition, while friends are far away. Before the health bar runs out, it is better for gamers to move towards their closest friends. This is done if the condition of closest friends is safe from enemy attacks. Moving close to a friend can help accelerate the process of recovery.

PUBG Mobile Tips

4. Throw a Smoke Grenade

Friends who store smoke grenades can throw smoke grenades to save a dying friend. Aim the smoke grenade to explode at the closest point of the dying friend to recover. Smoke grenades will help block the enemy's view.

5. Prepare the First Aid Kit

When recovery is successful, without requiring a long time, start using the first aid kit. Therefore, when recovering, gamers have a little health bar, then using a first aid kit is a must.
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