4 Advantages of Snapdragon 865 Processor, Apple A13 Bionic Defeated?

New to be launched later in 2020, here are some of the advantages possessed by Qualcomm's latest processor, Snapdragon 865.

Being one of the largest processor manufacturers, Qualcomm unceasingly explores innovation to create sophisticated processors that are able to support the needs of its users.

After previously Qualcomm's processor from HP for the middle and upper class, Snapdragon 855, was defeated by Apple's A12 Bionic, now the California-based company is preparing its newest processor.

The processor is the Snapdragon 865 which reportedly might be able to defeat Apple's A13 Bionic which hasn't even been officially launched yet, gang.

This was evidenced by the results of the Snapdragon 865 benchmark which won a multi-core score of 12915 where this score is superior to any mobile phones made by Apple, including the iPhone XS Max.

Excellence Snapdragon 865 Processor

If it is true that the Snapdragon 865 will be able to defeat Apple's A13 processor, then this will make Snapdragon 865 the most sophisticated processor when it is launched in 2020, gang.

But, actually what are the benefits of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor? Come on, see the full article below!

1. Use Samsung EUV (ultraviolet) Technology

To produce this latest sophisticated processor, Qualcomm apparently cooperates with one of the leading technology companies, Samsung.

Reportedly the Snapdragon 865 processor will reportedly use Samsung's fabrication technology, Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Lithography with the fabrication of 7 nanometers (nm).

EUV technology is a way to create complex silicon designs with a small fabrication process.

Simply, a processor that has a smaller number of fabrications, then the processor is able to work faster while still saving power consumption on cellphones, gangs.

EUV technology itself reportedly promises an increase in performance from 20% to 30% and an increase in power consumption between 30% to 50%.

2. Supports HDR10 + Standard

Will be a superior processor from Qualcomm, Snapdragon 865 will reportedly support the HDR10 + standard, the gang.

This is done because the Qualcomm hopes there will be a mobile phone equipped with a 64MP camera or even higher.

However, to realize this, of course, a processor with sophisticated technology, a gang is needed.

This innovation will certainly be very interesting for smartphone vendors who use camera specifications as their main selling points.

For those of you who don't know, HDR10 + itself is a technology that can produce images with more detailed, bright, and realistic colors, gangs.

3. Use the Latest Generation CPU Architecture

To further provide improved performance on the HP, Snapdragon 865 processor is also reportedly equipped with the latest generation ARM CPU architecture, Cortex-A77.

The Cortex-A77 architecture itself was just launched by ARM around last May.

In its launch, ARM revealed that the Cortex-A77 architecture was accompanied by a Mali G77 GPU which was able to deliver better energy efficiency and special capabilities for machine learning.

In addition, the CPU architecture is also claimed to bring increased performance on the HP up to 20 percent when compared with the previous version, Cortex-A76.

4. Support 5G Technology

5G internet network technology is indeed being discussed lately, even this latest technology has also begun to be applied in several European countries.

Although the existence of 5G networks is still very limited, with the rapid development of technology that is happening at this time, smartphone vendors have begun to design their products to be compatible.

To support the use of 5G networks on HP, Snapdragon 865 comes with integrated 5G modem support.

Samsung is the first to use Snapdragon 865

Although reportedly the new Snapdragon 865 processor is released in 2020, a number of smartphone vendors are ready to wait for its presence.

One of them is Samsung, which reportedly will sink the latest Qualcomm processor in the latest HP products later.

Most likely, Samsung will provide a Snapdragon 865 processor on the Samsung Galaxy S11 cellphone which may later be launched, gang.

The final word
Well, that was some of the advantages possessed by Qualcomm's latest processor namely Snapdragon 865, gang.

With some of its sophistication, this will make the Snapdragon 865 the most sophisticated processor when it is launched in 2020.


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