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Here are 10 Technology Myths in the World that Have Been Misleading!

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Myth is usually often associated with folklore that has never been proven true. For example haunted places, stories about ghosts, to habits that are considered 'farewell'. But did you know that myth can also envelop the world of technology? In fact, because I believe in the myth of technology in the world, most people are mistaken and often misleading.

So what myths in the world of technology have made so many people misunderstand? 
The following is a review of 10 technological myths in the world that have been completely misleading!

1. The Myth of Technology: "Video Games Make Children Naughty"

Technology Today

This technology myth often makes parents feel worried because they are afraid of their children. But scientifically, that turned out not to be true. Based on the results of research conducted in 2013 proved that one of the technological myths in the world that says that video games make children naughty is actually wrong. Because video games don't affect a person's habits at all.

In different studies, it actually produces facts that are contrary to technological myths that have developed in the world. Because children who play video games less than an hour every day will be happier than children who do not play video games at all. So, the point of this technology myth is not entirely true, even so, it needs to be monitored in terms of time when children play video games.

2. The myth of Technology: "Photographs Are Not Good If Small Megapixel Cameras"

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This technology myth has become the most trusted myth. Therefore it is not surprising that many people often buy smartphones with fairly large megapixels. The aim is none other than to get the maximum shots. Plus not a few people who believe in this one technology myth that says if the photos will be less good if the megapixel camera is small.

Although it's not entirely wrong, there are other things that can affect your shots by using a cellphone. For example, the composition of objects, camera controls, and good lighting are more important to produce attractive images. So the technological myth about the photos is not good if the camera megapixels are small, not entirely true.

3. The myth of Technology: Don't Use Cellphone in Gas Station, Dangerous!

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The next technology myth is that if you often fill up on BBM, you always see a warning board asking gas station customers not to use a cellphone when refueling. Because until now most people still believe that cell phone signals can cause sparks.

But based on the results of several studies conducted it turns out to prove there is no link between cellphone signals with sparks. But, just in case it's good for you to not use cellphones at gas stations.

4. The myth of Technology: Don't Put Metals in the Microwave

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One thing that is 'unclean' into the microwave is an object made of metal, this is one of the technological myths in the world that has been believed by many people. However, not all metals are dangerous. In other words, it is not the number of metals that enter the microwave that creates danger, but the shape of the object itself.

For example, round-shaped objects such as spoons are far safer than sharp metal shapes such as forks and knives. So the technological myth that says don't put metal in a microwave isn't completely true.

5. The myth of Technology: Incognito Mode Makes Users Anonymously Surfing in the Virtual World

Furthermore, in the list of technological myths in the world that are often believed by many people is the use of incognito mode or privacy, even though in essence this use will only make the website you visit not recorded in web history. But your activities still appear on the web itself. So it can be said if this one technology myth is not true.

6. The myth of Technology: The Internet and the World Wide Web (www.) Are the Same Things

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If you still believe in the myth of this technology, obviously you have made a mistake. Because between the internet and the web are clearly two very different things.

The internet itself can be interpreted as a means to allow users to share and get information between networks throughout the world. While the web is nothing more than one of the networks on the internet. Simple explanation, if the web requires the internet to be created, it is different from the internet which has many things besides the web. So, you should not believe this one technology myth anymore.

7. The myth of Technology: Cellphone Radiation Can Cause Brain Cancer

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Many people are starting to worry about this one technology myth that says, "too long using a cell phone close to the head will increase the risk of brain cancer." But in reality, until now there is no or not a single study that can prove the technological myth that developed in the world.

Even a study conducted in England for 11 years could not prove the connection between cellphone use and brain cancer. But just in case, it helps you reduce the habit of calling for too long.

8. Technical Myth: Be Alert, Magnets Can Erase Data on the Hard Drive

A PC or portable hard drive does have the risk of losing data due to the influence of magnets, but one of the technological myths that say that magnets can erase data on a hard drive turns out to be a misleading assumption because it's not entirely true, why is that? Because there are things to remember, you need magnets that have enormous power like those found on an MRI machine if you want to erase or erase data on hard cards.

9. The Myth of Technology: Charge the Mobile Phone Battery to the Full If You Don't Want Decreased Ability

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If you are using a cellphone in the 90s, assuming a technological myth that says "charge the cellphone to the full if you don't want it to decline" is true. But cellphone batteries in the modern era like today are far more sophisticated than their predecessors because they already use lithium-ion technology.

This means that you can recharge the battery at any time even if it is not full without having to worry about its ability going down, so the myth of technology in the world that says "charge the cell phone to the full if you don't want the ability to decline" is no longer valid in the modern era like now.

10. The myth of technology: Standing near a microwave can be exposed to radiation

The microwave that you normally use basically works by utilizing radiation and sometimes it leaks. But leakage that occurs will not spread too far and does not cause adverse effects on human health. So this one technology myth is not true.

One thing is for sure, many microwaves sold on the market today have been designed in such a way that they have a radiation limit that is safe for use in everyday life.

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