5 of the Deadliest PUBG Game Sniper Weapons, just one shot!

Many Players Scramble to use this Sniper Weapon

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a game with the genre of battle royale, where players can play with 100 people at once online. In this game, players can play solo, team 2 people, and team 4 people, and can invite friends to join the game as a team.

Sniper is one of the deadliest weapons in PUBG. The sniper weapon has a far enough attack distance and very powerful attack power. Sniper weapons can kill enemies with only one or two shots. Therefore many players are scrambling to use this sniper weapon.

Well, here are the five deadliest sniper weapons in PUBG.

1. AWM

AWM - pubg mobile

AWM is one of the best and deadliest sniper weapons in PUBG. This weapon is capable of killing enemies with just one bullet even though the opponent uses full armor. Therefore AWM is often dubbed the Monster Sniper Rifle. But unfortunately, this level of ammunition can only be found on airdrop.

2. M24

M24 - pubg mobile

Although attack damage is not as big as AWM, the M24 is able to kill its opponent with just one shot in the head. In order for this weapon to be more lethal, you can use a variety of attachments, such as scope, magazine, and suppressor. This M24 weapon is quite easy for you to find on the map.

3. Karabiner 98 Kurz (Kar98k)

Kar98 - pubg mobile

Karabiner 98 Kurz or often called Kar98k is one of the deadliest sniper weapons. You can kill enemies with just one shot on the head without protection. This weapon can be even more deadly if you equip it with an 8x scope and a suppressor.

4. Win94

Win94 - pubg mobile

From a visual point of view, you might consider this a shotgun weapon, but it turns out Win94 is one of the most dangerous sniper weapons. Win94 has a capacity of 45 ammo with an attack power of 66 hit damage. Win94 uses 8 ammo per clip.

5. MK14 EBR

MK14 - pubg mobile

MK14 EBR is a semi assault rifle sniper weapon. This is because this weapon uses 7.62 mm type ammunition as its main bullet. In addition, the EBR MK14 has also supported 10 ammo per clip. In terms of design, this EBR MK14 looks very cool and unique.

Well, that's the fifth deadliest sniper weapon on PUBG Mobile. Sniper weapons are indeed very effective for carrying out long-range attacks and are very easy to use.

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