M416 for Beginners in PUBG Mobile - m416 attechments pubg

M416 with Attachments is Best For Beginners in PUBG Mobile

m416 attechments pubg

As you all know that weapons are the most important point to consider in the PUBG Mobile game. Because in the game, strong weapons and good control will be more deadly compared to the opposite weapon.

And one of the favorites of many players is M416, because of its role as an AR weapon so flexible. This weapon can be used in a variety of circumstances, and it can be said that close-range Weapons that can defeat him are only Uzi, Vector, and AKM (Good Recoil).

When you watch tournament matches, the average player will use an M416 weapon and the second option is AKM. Players rarely use other weapons, except when trapped. And to make it even more deadly, here is the style of the M416 game.

Sure, the AR class is for the middle class, but it can also be used as a deadly Medium-Range weapon. You don't need scope if you use it for short distances if in the middle Range you can use RDS or maybe Scope x4.

Then for long distances you can, because the stability of these weapons is quite easy to spray down on enemies. You can use scope x6 with M416 it will give you great results.

Recoil Easy to Control

Unlike the AKM which is predicted to be the deadliest AR weapon, because this M416 weapon is easy enough to control its recoil in the PUBG Mobile game. So that players can shoot straight and right on target more easily. To be more stable, you can prone.

m416 attechments pubg

Complete Attachment

Finally, related to the most complete attachment, all can be attached to this weapon so that it can make it stable. But you also have to understand what the style of each attachment is, such as vertical grip for spray, light grip for tapping, thumb grip for stabilization, and many others.

That is the Benefits of the M416 game in the PUBG Mobile game that is important for you to recognize and pay attention to so that this AR weapon can be very deadly in your hands. Good luck.

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