New TDM Map in PUBG Mobile Map

There Will Be Another New Map in TDM PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile new tdm map library

PUBG Mobile New TDM Map Library

Team Death Match mode has become one of the modes preferred by many players, including pro players. Where when they were before starting the main match, they would try the AIM abilities of each individual in the following PUBG Mobile mode.

And before that, there was an update that carried the Ruins section, and this time there was another latest leak that could later be enjoyed by the players, so they could get a different playing and fighting experience.

No longer a fight or open place, the latest TDM map in the PUBG Mobile game will later be in a room and filled with books. Yes, the map carries the theme of the library, where players can hide and shoot on target on the map.

pubg mobile new tdm map library

In addition, there is also a top floor, and also a bridge that connects the floor, allowing players to get more tense and barbaric fighting experience in the TDM PUBG Mobile mode.

From the short video that has been uploaded, it is known that in this new map players can compete with each other aiming at a distance or near distance, and of course, it will require high accuracy and agile movements so that players are not easily killed.

For now, this map is limited to the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, there is still no information related to its presence on the global market by Tencent Games or other game developers. Besides, yesterday's ruins map is also still new, so players can enjoy the old map first.

But for the problem of its presence, this new map in the global PUBG Mobile game does not rule out the possibility. Because the Chinese version often has been updated earlier than the global version.

This is PUBG Mobile's New Map Leaked, Suitable for Competition

Indoor area but wide and open, suitable for aim practice.

A new leak from the mobile PUBG Mobile battle royale game revealed a new map. Like what will update from this new PUBG Mobile folder?

Of course, this new PUBG Mobile leaked map comes from the Chinese version. Appear in the leak, this map will be in the form of a library.

This new leak is a Team Deathmatch (TDM) map, not an outdoor-style map of battle royale. Certainly will be good news for TDM fans at PUBG Mobile.

In this leak, displays how this map named Library becomes an arena of battle in the form of a library.

This new folder has become a very large indoor area, complete with various bookshelves. There are also several floors above and bridges.

This library map seems suitable for you who want to shoot aim at the mobile game. There will be a very intense PUBG Mobile battle.

From the leaked video game battle royale, in this map can be close combat or long distance that requires high accuracy.

There are not many hiding places on this map, so it demands intense battles between teams. Also, prove who is better at aiming.

Surely the presence of this new map will make the player in TDM mode in PUBG Mobile. But unfortunately, this news is still just a leak.

PUBG Mobile Library's leaked map. (YouTube)

We are still waiting for official news, is it true that Tencent will install this new folder on the mobile game. If true, it's likely that it won't take long.

The video battle in the Library map is still in PUBG China only. It doesn't seem difficult to make it the new PUBG Mobile Global map.

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