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It turns out there is a Maximum Limit of Knock at PUBG Mobile

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This is the maximum number of knocks in PUBG Mobile

In the PUBG Mobile knockout war game it has become a common thing, especially when the opponents faced are really deadly, so it makes the resistance that must be applied very hard, and knock may not be avoided anymore.

But you don't expect to be able to knock continuously guys. Without being realized by many players, it turns out there is a maximum knock limit that must be understood by the players, so they don't just arbitrarily knock and ask a friend to help him. The more knock, in fact, makes the blood drain faster.

Not long ago PUBG Mobile players from China have conducted an experiment that wants to find out how many knocks can happen in the following popular shooting game so that in the end they can no longer be revived?

PUBG Mobile Tips

In order not to be disturbed by other players, then he formed a Custom Room with some of his friends to do a knock test in the PUBG Mobile game. When they've knocked 23 times, players can still survive even though the blood is drained faster than usual when knock.

To find out the maximum, then his friend's stand-by beside him continues and immediately conducts a review of his friend to be revived. And unfortunately, when the 31st knockout happened, he could no longer be saved and his friend died before the revive button even appeared on the Smartphone screen.

Thus this indicates that the maximum knock limit that can still be revived is 30 times. Whereas when there was a knock on the 31st, then it could no longer be saved and friends had to be let go just like that.

This test is just for fun and just try it guys, because knock as much as 30 times does not seem quite possible when playing in normal mode in this PUBG Mobile game. Especially with the zone that continues to shrink.

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